Vol.20 2013年度派遣の海外派遣生活報告(4回生・女性) | BSA Business Studies Abroad 立命館大学経営学部 海外派遣・留学プログラム



    経営学科 4回生


    【派遣先企業】Hosaka Rotherham & Co.

    2013.9.24 報告

    a process of self-analysis, self-remolding and self-surpass.

    It's not my first internship, but my first internship in a whole new, English spoken environment. From the excitement in the beginning, to the happy termination, it is a procedure of adaptation along with discovering myself.
    Through this BSA internship in Hosaka, Rotherham&Co., I feel more confident about my oral English. Before this program, I have no idea whether can I talk with native speakers or not. But it turns out that my English is recognized by the entire employee in the company. Some said my English is very conversational, some said they are very impressed, all of which gave me more confidence and encourage me to keep on going. As a senior student, I also soon get used to the work there because I can always use the knowledge I learnt in school and put them into practice.
    For example, I was asked to review auditors' report to find out grammar and logical errors. And thanks to my teacher, who taught me how to write an auditor's report, I came up with some details about it and my work became easy to me. Meanwhile, I had the chance to ask questions about accounting or this career and people there are so nice that they can always give me a satisfactory answer. 5 weeks' work helps me understand this industry more and I have many new ideas about myself and my career in the future. I appreciate every body who gave me advice before. It is other people's experience that help me grow up.
    During break time, I tried to display great initiative in talking with each other. In the end, all of us became good friends and they got to know much about my country, my culture and Asia as well.
    My host family is alsoincredibly kind and amiable. Considering I am a vegetarian, they offer me abundant of vegetables and fruits, much more than in Japan. So I was really happy to have dinner with them everyday. At the weekends, they will take me to watch some arts show or classical car shows. And we also went to many famous tourism spots together. Before I left San Diego, I had been to almost all the famous beach and park. I think host family provides me with an opportunity to know what exactly American lifestyle is and through the conversation everyday, I understand this country more. It's my first time to live with a foreign family and I tried to not make inconvenience for them. That also tells me how to get along with others.
    After this internship, I find out that I have been far more mature than before. I know my career goal, I know what effort should I make and I know how to improve myself. It'll definitely be the most meaningful experience so far, a process of self-analysis, self-remolding and self-surpass.